What are the benefits of playing free online games (العاب)?

Many skeptics have brought up concerns to the table about the negative effects of playing online Games (العاب) to the welfare of human beings. Even parents at times advise their kids a lot to avoid playing all the time on their computers because it will affect their academic progress. It’s hard to deny the fact that demerits are always present that may cause a negative impact to oneself or to the lives of others. First of all, they are very accessible to anyone as long as they have an internet connection at home. Second, some are readily available to download for free. In some cases, people spend money on them or pay a monthly subscription so that that they can enjoy them at any time.

It’s true that people like them because they are very enticing. You find that you gain rewards when you progress from one level to another. It encourages you to spend more time trying to get to the next level. Some of them allow you to interact with other players worldwide who have your interests. According to scientific researchers, it clearly explains that online games (العاب) are just as addicting as any drug. They are usually designed in a way that makes people never want to stop engaging in them. When people do not recognize this, it’s easy for them to become vulnerable to addiction. This could really affect their health and lifestyle.

Despite that, there are also benefits they have to human beings. Many people today have poor vision. It means that they ignore some of the significant things in their environment. This is not because they have poor eyesight but because they do not have the ability to recognize the small details around them. Such is necessary when one is already working, he or she has to make sure things are in perfect order and nothing is left out. Online games (العاب) can help one to improve their vision. It makes you focus on what is on the screen and allows you to make fast decisions.

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