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How to extract ephedrine is in a medicated salt lick How much Ephedrine is in a salt block? There is a thin line between genius and insane. Come on, now don't bee so stupid. Actually I'll chalk all of this up to the usual ignorance of newsreporters which is quite apparent if you read the article at the link purplepoison gave. Somehow I always knew that the snipe hunts were bogus.

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The key word here is hazing.

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How to extract ephedrine is in a medicated salt lick

Proto Military Youth Organizations. I think i like it! It is not possible to login. How do you extract ephedrin from a salt block? At least there is no limit on how many bottles of shampoo you can buy at walmart. This bullshit has a lot in common with this old wive's tale. I'm having no luck finding a brand name for salt blocks conta.

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salt lick ephedrine extraction
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salt lick ephedrine extraction
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