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Hiding behind a chest-high wall might save your life I doubt it, but its worth a shot. Friday, September 13, THE 7. I managed to snag a magazine full in Iraq from one of our SAW gunners. A projectile striking at a flat angle of degrees has the best penetration. Hopefully with your input CoD7 wont totally suck.

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7.62×51mm NATO

The chamber of the former has a marginally shorter headspace and thinner case walls than the latter due to changed specifications between and Actually, speaking of BC2 an interesting review would be to look at bullet drop in games particularly BC2 and shotgun ranges. They have a blunted tip and have a tendency to flatten on impact with a hard target. Optics good, optics your friend. As a quirk of ballistics, modern high-velocity small arms rounds actually deliver much less penetration at closer ranges than at longer ranges.

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7.62 nato penetration
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7.62 nato penetration
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