Older 15hp yamaha outboard not peeing

A large rock Boat name: Originally Posted by ukprometheus ahh ok i suppose the whole block will come off in one lump after the leg is off. Assuming the keyway and woodruff key are not slipping in the impellor then the only other possibility is some debris that's floating about in the waterways and occasionally blocking the outlet. Send a private message to bigcat33te. Another thought, are you sure the impeller is locked on the drive shaft? That motor is fairly easy to work on.

March 8th,

8HP Yamaha not pissing even with new impeller

Some motors like you to hold your tongue to the left some to the right. Don't know what you have in your area but it was 50 gal size March 7th, Also, you can disconnect the tube from the engine and try blowing through it. Also - no water comes out of the exhaust hole.

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