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The reality is that these pedophiles are travelling to Pattaya from these countries to commit their abhorrent crimes. That is my opinion based on a good knowledge of Thai corruption depth and some gut feelings. Ruppel was taken into custody at the Rina Lodge, where he allegedly paid a year-old boy baht for oral sex. And children keep being damaged. The girl's mother, however, urged the public not to discuss the issue of capital punishment to allow the family time to grieve. Can you tell me which of the listed cases you think is a stitch up? Police received a call in the early hours of Sunday morning that a foreign man was molesting a young boy in a car parked on Soi 4 off Pratamnak Hill.

Tell us what you think.

Taiwan: Sex in the city

Also, if a young man from here should move to some country with a younger age of consent, such as France, and he dated a French girl who is underage in the USA but legal over there he could still be charged with statutory rape back in his own country. Most Read on IOL. Read next on IOL. At the end the prosecutor dropped the case, as the police work was nothing but a disaster, and it was obvious that the accused person was completely innocent. Ben Agame Ofar, accused of 4 counts of sexual assaulting a minor aged 11 years old. The cases highlighted here are of men who have been caught procuring children for sex, or caught performing sexual acts with children.

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