Can to much masturbation stunt growth

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Over masturbation can drain your body of testosterone, which is a factor in body growth and bone density. Consequently, puberty is associated with the physical transformation of a child into an adult. Tickling her butthole is the next step. Masturbation is not bad or dirty. While predominantly produced by men, women also have testosterone.

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Now let's talk about some facts:

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Does Masturbation Affect Growth? 6 Things You Need to Know

It is important to note that the semen ejaculated after masturbation is not the primary source of testosterone. July 1st, Reviewed By: Jodo KusAug 28, So masturbate as much as you want to. Hi Revenant, saw your post. While there is some evidence that indicates that testosterone levels may rise during masturbation, ejaculation, which is the result of masturbation, does not significantly affects the levels of testosterone.

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can to much masturbation stunt growth
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can to much masturbation stunt growth
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