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I'm Tak of the Pupununu People. Gorkalk, the great grandfather of the Chaotic Evil red dragon Khordarg. Going Rogue occasionally say this, "Its eyes glowed red. It can fight ferociously when it needs to. They may be heat sensors or compound eyes. It culminated in a last ditch attempt to save the human race by separating the bodies of everyone from their souls until the disease was eradicated, in a process known as Project Gestalt. His Eye Beams turn red as well.

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The titular antagonist of Avengers:

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Red Eyes, Take Warning

Naoya in Devil Survivor has red eyes. Some of the demons. Although we never actually get to see their real eyes, the glowing red goggles of the Red Eyes gang in Mystery Men seem to reflect this trope. The Black Phantoms of Demon's Souls have red face orifices, which should tell you that they are much, much more powerful than your enemies up to that point and you should consider going back the way you came. Satoko and her older brother Satoshi, from Higurashi: Gwythaints, the bird servants of the Dark Lord Arawn, have blood-red eyes. You are the good guys aren't you?

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