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Every state has different requirements for filing a no-fault divorce, so do your research. I feel terribly alone and unsure of who I am. This is a really good thing you have done, Laneia. I am confident I will have enough self-confidence to get back into the game, and find someone who will love all of me for me. This article brought me back to that time when you were going to court regarding custody issues.

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For me, relationships with men were a way of acting out on the bipolar and taking attention away from my raging eating disorder, just to get to a point where I thought I liked myself because I knew men liked me, and love from anyone at all was all that mattered. And thank you everyone for all your comments. So two years is a long time to be dating when you are around 17 or There is no one mold, just a continuum of types. I canonly imagine the decibel level reached by their squealing and giggles. You should not have to be in a relationship where there could possibly be violence.

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leaving husband for lesbian lover
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leaving husband for lesbian lover
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