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She also doesn't give a crap about Leo. He is the son of Joan Tropianoa writer, and Stanley Tucci, an art teacher. Hollywood leading lady in B-movies, and supporting actress in big budget films. For some reason, he chooses not to date woc publicly. How times have changed. His PR relationship is either with women who need the publicity or some allegedly romance with pop singer. I think that's Leo's taste in men, he needs to find them just adorable.

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As for kids, if you could, you'd probably have one of those too.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Gay Rumors Ignite Over Man Crush on Tom Hardy

R I don't think he's gay but I do think he is metamorphosing into Jack Nicholson. Either he's had a Vasectomy or his handlers plant these man hoe rumors. The Jap tea photo of the naked Tobey Maquire, Leo and David Blaine linked earlier is indeed a photoshop job of an original photo of the three with their gowns closed, revealing no cock. Actress The Matrix Reloaded. BTW, I love how Leo claims to be so "environmental", yet goes on yachts all the time. Actor 28 Days Later

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is leonardo dicaprio bisexual
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is leonardo dicaprio bisexual
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