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To make it worse, in the video, "the period" Regina arrives right on time for the young woman's Divya birthday. Have you ever been in a bathroom stall and needed to throw away a used tampon or pad, but realized there was nowhere to put it? However, Regina ends by telling her that if she really does not want to go and believes in such sentiments, she can choose to stay back and take rest. This point is made by Regina when the young woman asks her if it's okay to go to the temple when she is on her period. Cass Bliss is a nonbinary trans educator with a passion for the creative. For cisgender women who menstruate, tenderness and swelling of the chest can be an uncomfortable, but unseen part of having a period; but for trans menstruators, the effects are a bit more complex. Whereas before I used to be able to reliably count on my period arriving regularly and lasting for three to four days with a consistently light flow, after two months of being on testosterone, I started experiencing unpredictable periods, heavy cramping, and a relentlessly heavy flow that continued for almost seven full days.

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A storyteller at heart, Cass uses art, music, writing, and comics to raise awareness for unique issues facing the trans and nonbinary community, from trans-exclusive sex education and gendered periods to medical transitioning and transphobia.

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Breaking taboos: Regina Cassandra plays a woman's period in Girl Power video

Courtesy of Cass Bliss Bliss posing with a testosterone injection. Binding is something a lot of transmen and nonbinary menstruators do to flatten our chests if we have not had top surgery. If you could speak to your period, what would you ask? Once I have the products that I need, I have to figure out a way to change out my used products with the new ones. The persistent gendered messages I regularly encounter hit me like thousands of metal slivers piercing through my skin:

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girl having a period video
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girl having a period video
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