Is electric dog collar safe for dogs?

Without knowing the pros and cons of the electric dog collar, one cannot conclude about its being safe or not.

Points in favor of electric collars:

• The designs of collars have improved significantly with the passage of time.
• There are wider ranges of options available for the owners. Through which right and perfect settings of the dogs can be ascertained.
• Dog collar is just for training purpose and not to abuse dogs in any way.
• The positive results of using collar can be seen within few days.
• It is fully safe for the dogs and do not harm dogs in any way.
• Safety devices are also been used by the companies making these collars.
Points against the use of electric dog collar:
• Some studies has revealed that use of shocks create stress among the dogs. The stress levels increase with the passage of time.
• Most people have no idea of using the belt and unknowingly they keep on harming the dog by increasing the level of shock.
• Tolerating the pain is also different in each dog. Hence the result may be different.
• People sometimes use the collars on puppies, who cannot tolerate the pain at high level of shock.


It’s more about what is people’s belief of using the collars than the fact behind it. It may not be much painful for the dogs but it seems to be annoying for them. They get irritated by shocks again and again. And start behaving annoyingly. It should never be used for the dogs that are aggressive, scared or fearful. Using it for puppies is also not a good choice. Never use the static shock for the unwanted behavior of the dogs. All possible and correct attempts should be made while using the electric dog collar so that the dog learns effectively and efficiently.

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