History of tiger balm and its disadvantages

tiger balm is a pain relieving balm (that’s what it is famous for), which was introduced in late 1870’s by an herbalist called Aw Chu Kin. He was working with Ancient Chinese Emperor’s court. He started this journey of finding pain relieving products soon after he left China. Aw Chu Kin settled down in Rangoon and set up a small medicine shop called Eng Aun Tong in.

From ancient to 21st century, Tiger Balm is continuing its journey successfully by contributing towards pain relief for the people and has been dedicatedly working in making the ointment nice and effective. People are using it for many purposes and it has helped tremendously for the purpose it is made for.
Later when the founder of Tiger Balm, Aw Chi Kin was deceased, the business was taken over by his sons Aw Boon Har and Aw Boon Pau took the business to Singapore in a very profitable way and it is also taking a good market hold in the neighbouring countries, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The ointment has found that it is needed by the people and sold in various cities of China.
The balm is great for many ailments and is an amazing life hack but do you think it is free of disadvantages? No, of course not. It is see that the balm produces mild skin irritation. You can use it in areas where there is pain but avoid applying it to areas very near to your eyes. Also, it can be harmful for kids as the ointment is solely for topical administration and should not be taken orally or any other way. Just a little carefulness and keep away the minor inconveniences and with this balm you get to live headache free anyway.

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