HCG Diet benefits

Are you looking for a quick method to lose weight? Do you wish to get into your old jeans and skimpy dresses? Have you tried HCG products? HCG is so far one of the best methods for quick and permanent weight loss. Many people do not know a lot about HCG Diet Protocol and how it is going to benefit them in the long run. Dr Simeons hcg diet has a very strict protocol for the users

One of the HCG Diet Protocol made by Dr Simeons is about beauty products and personal care products. The user on HCG Diet is not allowed to use any cosmetics and makeup products that contain any amount of fatty substances in them. Sun tan oil and any gel or hair cream that contains fatty substance is not allowed. If the user is on any kind medication, he should inform the dietician first because no medicines is allowed when a person in on HCG Very Low Calorie Diet.

While you are on HCG Diet, you cannot use cosmetics and any kind of medicines. The only medicine that is allowed to the user is aspirin. Women can use contraceptive pills while they are on Dr Simeons HCG Diet. Massage therapy is also not allowed to the users according to the HCG Diet Protocol.

HCG Diet is well known for its many benefits including weight loss. Other benefits are enhanced metabolism. People on HCG Diet do not feel the loss of energy. They do not have cravings or hunger pangs. It is controlled by HCG. Users on Dr Simeons HCG Diet need not to join any rigorous workout plans or join any gym. They can reduce weight by simply following the HCG Diet Protocol. You can lose weight fast without any risk or damage to your health with HCG. So, it is time now to invest your money and time on adopting a healthy lifestyle with the help of miraculous HCG Very Low Calorie Diet.

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