FIFA 10 – Ranking System Explained

The rank system in FIFA is based on a point scale, with points being rewarded following games not just in consideration with if you lost or won, but also the way you performed complete. Below is a listing of all of the elements that affect the number of points you’re rewarded after the match.

• Amount of Goals Scored
• Amount of Goals Conceeded
• Possession Percentage
• Pass Completion Percentage
• Tackle Success Percentage
• Length of Shots on Goal
This is not a certain list, as FIFA haven’t given exactly what aspects determine the amount of points rewarded following the completion of a match, but those listed above are exactly what we could conclude from experience.

As points are rewarded into account with the outcome and your general performance based on a few of the variables listed previously, it’s challenging to say just how many factors you’ll be rewarded for particular games. For a general, nicely won game, I’d say you could expect to get rewarded 50-60 points roughly. Losing games, you are not deducted the exact same amount you received for winning, perhaps 15-20 points deducted from the total if you lose a game by 2 goals or so and did not play particularly well. For twists, you need to receive 10-20 points should you played alright.

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