Ear Stretching Guide

In the event you decide to extend your ears be sure that you do it at a safe and sanitary matter. When you start stretching your ears, you’re starting a wound on the human body. When it isn’t treated correctly, disease may happen. You can also realize that you experience an allergic reaction to particular materials. If any indication of disease or allergic reaction occurs, consult a physician and quit using the ear stretching procedure.

Don’t rush when stretching your ears. Stretching too quickly may lead to harm that could blow off your ear and need plastic surgery. Consulting a professional is advised. Please don’t presume to understand what you’re doing without researching first.
Take it slow! The best method to securely and successfully elongate your ears is by simply being patient. Stretching your ears also quickly can possibly lead to harm of your ear and might require surgery.
The use of Teflon tape is really straightforward. Start the procedure by including a thin layer of tape into your current post and reinsert the post back in to your ear. The elongated hole will gradually become bigger. This is a really safe way unless you’re allergic to Teflon.
The ear taper is a conical rod that’s lubricated and pushed through the fistula till the broadest part of the ear taper is flat with the skin surrounding the piercing.
Ear stretching is just pushing a bigger ear plug throughout the fistula as it’s a smaller diameter. This strategy ought to be employed with caution. Ensure that your plug is properly lubricated. Never force the plug to the ear. It should go in easily.

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