Difference between Bitcoin Exchange and Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin Exchange is a very wide and complicated term which is not easy to describe but most of the people think that bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin Wallet are the same things. In this article you will get to know more about Bitcoin Exchanged and bitcoin Wallet and will understand the difference between both of them. If you are looking to buy bitcoins and are new in this field, then you need to research properly over the Internet or can seek help from a friend who is already into this thing and know very well about it. When you will search about it over the internet you will also get step by step guide and list of Exchanges which are best and safest.

Let us know more about Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin wallet is same as other Payment wallets whose function is same as them to pay for things online using Bitcoins. People can also use your Bitcoin wallet to deposit money into your wallet if you share your Wallet’s Public address with them. And bit coin exchanges are where you invest your money. From exchanges you can buy or sell Bitcoins, all have similar and somewhat different functions and benefits.

If you are confused in how to buy bitcoin then you need to take advice from the people near you who are expert or known into this. They will recommend you best exchanges who are safest and secure amongst the others and will surely give you some tips or advices. As we all know trading Bitcoins is not as easy as having cup of tea at your Home. You need to know all the tactics to get successful in this trading. Just research properly about all the Bitcoin exchanges before investing your valuable money.

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