By ABCs To Phonics – The Alphabet From The ESL Classroom

Educating the alphabet to your students can be as simple as uh…A… B… C!
The first place you wish to start, particularly if your children are new to English, is using all the ABC song. Sing it as often as you can. Use it part 3 of their daily lesson plan. Sing it if you’ve got a free moment–if waiting for lunch, or the toilet, or other students to complete washing their handsanytime! This is only one of the simplest songs for children to learn and it is going to shortly become one of the favorites. They’re extremely pleased when they could sing this song and they’ll start to request to be able to sing it.

(Notice: The ABC tune which I grew up with has LMNOP going extremely fast and kind of slurring together. This confuses children since they don’t understand those are different letters. There are various variations of the ABC tune where these letters are somewhat more clearly perceptible. Be certain you’re using one of those variations, particularly when teaching the alphabet to ESL learners.)

At this time, you’ve got the bible posted someplace on your classroom right? This really is a must-have when instructing ABCs. Now that the children know the ABC tune, start pointing to every letter once you sing the tune. They will start to work out that every letter name includes a visual correspondence which goes with it.

Once your children know the tune, and have known the notion that there’s a visual representation which goes together with the name, you can move on to more complex function. This is the correspondence learning procedure I have gone with my children when instructing the alphabet.

phonics class in Singapore instructor friend of mine mentioned it is a good idea to educate the bible out of alphabetical order. She had a novel about that had the letters out of order and had a picture of something such as “Mice Merrily Munching Mangoes” to go along with the letter, and so forth. I enjoyed the thought. It reminded me a lot of Sesame Street and the way daily, the series could be sponsored by another letter. So I chose to perform another letter every day.

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