Avoid Web Design mistakes

There are many things to do in a web page. And there are things which are possible to do but you must not do it. When you work on a new web design avoid these mistakes. You will get happier visitors and more effective design.

1. The websites that does not work on any browser than Internet Explore

To create a website that works only on Internet Explorer can be a bad business decision. More people now are switching to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome. And if you are insisted to create page that works only on IE then you are deliberately limiting your importance.

2. The designs that are written especially for certain browsers

It will not be a good design or customer service to drive the customer away. By putting a banner on the top of a web page say “this page is better viewed in the browser Internet Explore” is that customers will not want to dictate to. They want to read the page and get to other one so changing the browser cannot happen that easily.

3. Using cut-edge technology

You may feel tempted to use newest technology for website design Cape Town. But if you use the one that is not supported widely by any browsers who visits your site can risk of losing the customers than gaining them. When you use such advanced technology, you must use it carefully and for the elements only which are not critical.

4. Videos starting automatically

Most of the people do not like sound of websites start automatically. They may be playing other music in the location where the website sound can distract.

5. Hidden Navigation

The websites people often visit are ones they can use easily. If you puts navigation to any strange place you are annoying the visitors.

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