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Rickets led to a curvature of the spine, which resulted in a slight stoop that prevented Kinsey from being drafted in for World War I. Any sort of scientific approach to the problems of sex is difficult because the field is so deeply overlaid with such things as moral precept, taboo, individual and group training, and long established behavior patterns. Kinsey had been studying the variations in mating practices among gall wasps. He worked and camped with the local YMCA throughout his early years, and enjoyed these activities to such an extent that he intended to work for the YMCA after completing his education. Archived from the original on October 9,

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Kinsey's textbook was noteworthy for the strong position it took on evolution

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A Strongly Worded Letter To Girls Who Wear Cat Ears In Public

Kinsey was buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Bloomington. Times Higher Education Supplement. Except I saw it first. Like, seriously, why the fuck is everyone so obsessed with cats? Retrieved July 1,

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